• Sarah D'Angelo

    "Sarah D'Angelo does it with verve, class, confidence, poise, perfect intonation, spot-on phrasing, terrific dynamic, personal expression and loads of love. She's an incredible team player with her own exquisite persona." Linda Yohn, WEMU 89.1

    CULTURE LOCAL ARTIST SPOTLIGHT PRESENTED BY LEON LOFT Artist Interview:  Sarah D’Angelo By Benjamin Weatherston | October 24, 2014

    "She possesses a natural and intuitive jazz feel, spot-on pitch control, a deep devotion to the study of her art and a friendly, laid-back demeanor that makes working with her a genuine pleasure" Paul Keller

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    for additional inquiries, email sarah_dangelo@hotmail.com

  • "I Want To Be Happy" recorded live @ Zal Gaz Grotto

    Big Band Jazz

    "I Want To Be Happy"


    Paul Keller Orchestra

    photo-  Thomas B. Richardson

    Intimate Concert Settings

    "If You Never Come To Me"

    At Sundown

    At Sundown Quartet

    Large Events & Venues

    "Thank You, Lord"

    An Interpretation of A Universal Language

    Sir Wick

    Educational Sessions


    with Jake Riechbart

    Private Weddings & Events

    "Waters of March"

    with Jake Riechbart

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    Sarah D'Angelo 2019 album

    Medicine Man

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    Thoughts, musings, and rumination...yes I realize this is not a picture that has anything to do with a blog page...but it was taken for a fashion blog and let's be honest, if someone stops to take your pic for a fashion blog, then by God, you use it. And if we're completely honest, my expression is one of genuine philosophical contemplation, is it not?

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