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New growth in Spring

Adventures in studio work...

Meeting new people is one of the most wonderful things about my job. Not only just meeting them, but cultivating relationships out of which beautiful music comes forth! David Barrett is one of these people. David is a wonderful composer and lovely human being who dropped out of the sky into my sphere a year ago. He entrusted me with his compositions and we have had several very fruitful studio ventures together. He is an affirming and incredible person to work alongside and has showed me a new use for this singing work! I never thought I'd have an interest in being a per-song-singe- for-hire (as I saw it), but this is really so much more than that. It's opened my eyes to the fact that working a single song at a time gives us the chance to truly explore a work to the depth and breadth of its being. We get to dig and dig and dig into it and finally step back and do it all over again. It's so much more like the preparation of a classical work that I spent so many years doing as a budding orchestral clarinetist. And I LOVE it!

So, here's to being open to new adventures this Spring. And to many more avenues of music making being opened to all of us!