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The eternal question: Am I spending my time well?

more frequently disguised as "Am I wasting my days as a musician?!"

It's an exercise in self discipline today, as I work on building this website. I know that I have the hours our before me to spend the entirety of the day in this head space...but I REALLY don't want to do that. It's such a balance for me to give proper time to my creative process, do the office work and make sure my lawn gets mowed somewhere in there. I feel like I've spent an hour and it's actually been 3? Really?? I'm going to fight the urge to feel like any of this was time wasted...that's the hardest part, for me as a musician...ignoring the negative inner voice that asks everyday- "...what is it that you've really done today? What have you created of any consequence? Look! Look on Facebook at all of your colleagues being AMAZING! Get your act together...or get out of the game."

So...after a few hours in front of a computer screen, pointing, clicking, dragging, pasting I shall run outside and do something practical. Soak up some vitamin D and water the plants.