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To record or not to record....

I have NO idea what I'm doing!!!

Sooooo....the decision on whether or not what I'm doing is worthy of recording. Is it a musical journal entry in the larger diary of my life? Or is it a polished product that I hope the world will be genuinely moved by? Probably, it's somewhere is the large gray space of the in-between. But, as I move closer and closer (sometimes in increments so small that the naked eye couldn't perceive it, and sometimes so fast that I can barely keep up!) I have emotions that vacillate between pride and excitement and sheer terror! Is this going to be a total fail? Will it be a beautiful and meaningful contribution to the vast musical works of the world? I can't stop the tape recorder playing the non-stop questions of doubt and philosophical musings! Hopefully, it will be a lovely afternoon, spent with friends, filled with laughter and good music and hugs and a finished product that we're collectively proud of. That would make me the happiest. And, honestly it's just good training and experience in not taking myself too seriously.